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When you are young and single you probably don't give much thought to your future and you certainly don't think about dying at any point soon. But certainly the best thought decision for you and your love ones is being covered at any circumstance.
One Stop Insurance works with a broad network of trusted life insurance providers to bring you the most complete coverage for everything related to life insurance. We know finding a life insurance policy can be a daunting task. We are here to help people finding the most suitable policy for every budget

Life term insurance
Life term insurance is generally regarded as the most inexpensive of the lot. It is an effective way to make sure your survivors will be well provided for without a hefty cost to you in premiums. The advantage for the policy owner is "peace of mind", in knowing that the death of the insured person will not result in financial hardship for loved ones. Some main features are:

  • Term life insurance is purchased for a certain period of time and is a good solution for people with short-term insurance needs.
  • The cost of term life insurance is comparatively low for young applicants but it gets proportionately higher as they age.
  • Unlike whole life insurance, term life does not have a cash value component and does not guarantee any living benefits; it expires without residual value, only paying if the insured dies during the policy term.
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Permanent life insurance
It is life insurance that remains active until the policy matures, unless the owner fails to pay the premium when due. The policy cannot be cancelled by the insurer for any reason except fraudulent application, and any such cancellation must occur within a period of time defined by law (usually two years). There are many types of Permanent Life Insurance but two are the most popular:

Whole life insurance: This insurance provides lifetime death benefit coverage for a level premium in most cases. It is life insurance contract with level premiums that has both insurance and investment component.

Universal life insurance: Universal life insurance is intended to combine permanent insurance coverage with greater flexibility in premium payment, along with the potential for greater growth of cash values. It has a combination of term life insurance and a tax-deferred savings plan paying a variable return.

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