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Your house is a prized possession. In most cases your house is your largest asset. Have you asked yourself, "Is my home insurance good enough?". Probably no. One Stop Insurance has many choices for your property. We are expert in finding the exact policy that fit with all your needs. Home insurance is a form of property insurance designed to protect an individual's home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home. It is a way to protect yourself and your family from disasters that affect your home or its contents.

Homeowner insurance
Also commonly called hazard insurance or homeowner's insurance. Homeowner's insurance policies can be beneficial to owners of single-family residences and owners of homes with multiple units. Also, apartment renters can obtain renter's insurance for their possessions.
Every homeowner's insurance policy is different. Some of the disasters that are often covered under a basic homeowners insurance policy are fire, theft and wind. Depending on the location of the home, different disasters may be covered under the insurance, while others are not.
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Landlord Insurance
As the owner of a rental property, you need coverage for accidental damage to the dwelling (and any contents you may have there) and loss of rents, plus personal liability protection.
Landlord building insurance is important to people that buy property as an investment to rent to others. While similar to building protection for homeowners, landlord building protection typically encompasses a number of different living units in a building.
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Renters Insurance
Renters insurance offers people who lease a residence for the purpose of living protection for their own personal property and for the damage that their negligence causes to others who are not part of the household. The coverage is designed for people whom lease/ rent the residence, and not own it.
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Vacancy Insurance
Vacant home insurance is a necessary "specialty" type of insurance for a home if it will be unoccupied or empty for a period of time. The main purpose of coverage for a Vacant Dwelling or Vacant Building is to protect you against losses you cannot afford to sustain. Few people have the financial resources to rebuild their homes or buildings if they are destroyed.
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