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One Stop Insurance has the right commercial insurance for your business that cover many areas and including coverage for the owned property such as buildings and contents, loss of income in the event of damage to the business, and a wide range of other items. One Stop Insurance is proud to introduce their well-designed insurance along our expert advice.

Commercial General Liability Insurance
The commercial liability insurance pays a percent of or all the cost for the damages caused by liabilities of the company that may have been imposed due to business-dealings or by law. It also has the potential to pay for the cost of legal defense in case of any claims. Adequate commercial liability coverage is a must to survive in business. Without it, a commercial firm would have to bear the cost of damages itself.
The business liability policy protects for bodily injury claims and property damage claims that occur both on and away from the premises as a result of business activities.
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Workers' compensation
It is a form of insurance providing salary replacement and medical financial assistance to workers injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. The tradeoff between assured, limited coverage and lack of recourse outside the worker compensation system is known as the compensation bargain. These benefits are claimed by the employees (or their dependents) as a matter of right and the employer cannot resort to any legal defense. Amount paid as compensation is based on the salary of the employee (also on the number of his or her dependents in some jurisdictions) and is usually subject to a specified maximum.
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Commercial Auto Insurance
The same type of policy you purchase for your personal use is also necessary for your business. If your business provides employees with company cars, or if you have a delivery van, you need to think about auto insurance. Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for business vehicles regardless of whether they are owned, leased, hired, or borrowed. Commonly this car insurance cover: Liability, Physical Damage (Collision), Physical Damage (Comprehensive or Other Than Collision), Towing and Labor, Medical Payments.
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Commercial umbrella
Also called excess liability, a commercial umbrella insurance policy can give additional coverage to several smaller policies in place for your business. It is a necessary protection against catastrophic loss a business might suffer as a result of a liability lawsuit. Higher limits may be necessary for businesses with high loss potential, high profile, sizable sales, numerous assets, large auto fleets, worldwide presence, and/or significant public exposure.
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